Why I think a (travel) bucketlist is shite

I used to be excited when I saw a bucket list on somebody’s blog. I used to click right on it to see what this person’s plans are and what kind of cool things the person wants to do. It would get me inspired for about half an hour and then I would be envious about the awesome things that are on the person’s list and the things the person has already crossed off: What a cool guy/gal that must be, with their huge bucket list, crossing awesome things off!

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6 reasons why I travel without a guidebook

DSC00495I don’t want to reveal too much, but my travel adventures might come to a halt/pause sooner than I expected, so as long as I am still a full-time-passionate traveler, I will stick my nose into travel related stuff. Coming back to the “pure minimalist topics” will be soon enough!

DSC00494Sooo, Minimalist travel. It’s really interesting to write about it, because it is basically minimalism but everything is on a much smaller scale. When you travel, you usually are some kind of “at the moment minimalist”, because all you have with you is your suitcase. So everybody who travels has to go through the very important question:

What do I really need?

DSC00497Will this item when I pack it and carry it with me be used or is it a “just in case item” which wil just stay in my suitcase until I come back home? Will this item that I carry with me add value to my travel?

Because I am a little bit weird, I like to question all of my stuff. DSC00496From the fifth pair of socks to the third pair of shoes, do I really need it or could I do without it?

For instance, do you really need a guidebook?

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All hail the suitcase! Backpacks are for losers!

Even though I am calling myself a minimalist – or minimalist wannabe – I don’t travel with only carry-on luggage, I have a proper suitcase that is filled to the brim with my stuff – like a regular person does when they travel.

Why don’t I have only carry-on baggage or at least a “proper backpack”? Well, for one thing I need more clothes than would fit in only a carry-on and for the second thing: backpacks are for losers!

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Couch to 40K – Stewart Island version

I did it! Yesterday I did the whole Rakiura track all in one day. Door to door it was a little bit more than 42K, most of it through mud and oftentimes going uphill so I am pretty proud that I made it, considering that I didn’t work out at all for the past year or so.

As a preparation for this walk I started going on bigger and bigger walks about a month ago – starting slowly with 5K and going up on 20K.

At the beginning it was really hard, I think I never was this out of shape in my life. Before I was kind of a sports-maniac, I never missed a workout, I trained about 5-6 times a week, so it was kind of a shock for me to realize how much out of shape one can get in one year… Time to do some workout! And so I used every opportunity I could get while travelling south until I finally arrived in Stewart Island the day before yesterday. Continue reading