Couch to 40K – Stewart Island version

I did it! Yesterday I did the whole Rakiura track all in one day. Door to door it was a little bit more than 42K, most of it through mud and oftentimes going uphill so I am pretty proud that I made it, considering that I didn’t work out at all for the past year or so.

As a preparation for this walk I started going on bigger and bigger walks about a month ago – starting slowly with 5K and going up on 20K.

At the beginning it was really hard, I think I never was this out of shape in my life. Before I was kind of a sports-maniac, I never missed a workout, I trained about 5-6 times a week, so it was kind of a shock for me to realize how much out of shape one can get in one year… Time to do some workout! And so I used every opportunity I could get while travelling south until I finally arrived in Stewart Island the day before yesterday. Continue reading