The challenge in February

I am proud to say that I am eating clean now for more than 30 days today and i took this as an opportunity to declutter my kitchen, especially the food I stocked.

Today I did something very difficult for me: I threw away food. I am really not good at throwing away food, even though the stuff I threw out was expired and I definitely wouldn’t be eating it, because there was sugar in it and it was convenience food. For example there was a package of mac n cheese I kept for around three years – don’t ask me why I do this, I don’t really know. It is a very bad habit and definitely something I have to work on. I don’t want to be wasteful anymore especially concerning food, but every time I am at the supermarket I am buying stuff that I don’t really like for some reason. This bad habit – buying food I don’t like and then letting it rot until it is expired is costing me a lot of money and this habit is keeping me from goint into the direction I want my life to go: being more sustainable, overthinking my habits and simplifying my life.

So I made defeating this habit this month’s challenge: First, get rid of all the food in my kitchen that I definitely don’t like, that I won’t eat and that has been around for too long a time and then replace it with stuff that I will actually eat.

So, today I threw out all this old food which was really liberating, and then I went shopping some clean food that I had run out of. I made a quick analysis of the things I have been eating frequently in the last 30 days and wrote the ingredients for the stuff I am planning to cook on the weekend down and sticking to this list I went shopping.

I am very much looking forward to the end of the month to see what will be in my cupboard of food then and if I am really able to not buy crap and let it rot anymore. If I succeed, I will definitely have more money at the end of the month and I will definitely be one step closer to becoming a minimalist.

The challenge in February

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