Clean Eating and eating out with friends

This weekend I am eating out a lot or eating at friend’s places this means I don’t have to cook a single thing this weekend. On the one hand, this is great, because eating out or at my friend’s places means that I get to try a lot of new stuff and with different tastes and of course enjoy their company which is a lot of fun. But on the other hand this means eating not so clean and dealing with them ordering deserts and me pondering over my eating habits.

So my question is: What is the best way to deal with when you don’t get to choose the restaurant and even the vegetarian food is not really clean food? And what do you do when everybody is ordering desert and you have one angel and one devil sitting on your shoulders having their little conversation with you? In my case it unfortunately went like this:

“Come on, there is no harm in that delicious piece of chocolate cake which will be melting on your tongue and will make you very happy and look, everybody else is ordering that too!” “Oh no! What about your clean eating challenge? You worked so hard and were so disciplined and you also already had your cheat day and now you can’t have another because if you have cheat days all the time, what’s the point of doing this clean eating thing anyway?” “Shut up and order this piece of chocolate pie! I know you want to.” “Yeah, you’re right…”

I noticed that the only time the past weeks I did not eat clean was when I was eating out with friends or having dinner at my friend’s place or anything like this where I was not in charge of food and felt like I couldn’t make the decision to eat clean without offending anybody. I don’t know how much of this “I don’t want to offend anybody with my choice of eating/lifestyle”-stuff is really in my head and I am over thinking this and how much of this is me not being consequent enough with my lifestyle and choosing the easy way out of this situation (and blaming my friends along the way). I just noticed that I have a lot more willpower to eat clean when I am alone and I just have my food and nobody else is around eating the stuff I used to eat. I am finding it difficult to eat out or at a friend’s place without abandoning all my newly achieved eating habits and I don’t have a solution to this problem yet. One way would be to be a bit anti-social for a little while and not join my friends for dinner until I have a more established eating habit (not one that’s 30 days old). On the other hand I think that maybe I should put myself into those situations more often to get used to them until I’m able to react smarter.

Clean Eating and eating out with friends

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