baguette, mon amour!

The past few weeks I have been eating whole-grain bread, which is considered to be not the ideal choice of food for Clean Eating, but an okay one. I only  recognized yesterday that it indeed had an effect on me.

I love fresh bread. This might be very very German of me, but I just love it. In my opinion there is nothing better than a slice of freshly baked bread with butter on top and some cheese. This is in fact what I missed most when I was on vacation a few weeks ago. Since I love it so much, there was no way that I would do without eating bread when I started eating clean. The best way to do this I figured, was to eat whole-grain bread with a lot of seeds in it and more rye than wheat which is supposed to be the healthiest version of bread. I always wondered though if it had any effect at all changing my diet in this aspect or if I should cut it out even though I love it so much.

But let me tell you, it makes a huge difference and I totally did the right thing. Yesterday, for the first time in two months I had some fresh baguette and croissants for a “French-Sunday-morning-breakfast”, which was very, very  delicious. I could’ve rolled myself up in this baguette, so delicious was it, I really missed the taste so much, I ate three large pieces and a croissant with (soy-)milk tea on top of it – I was in gourmet-heaven.

Around 30 minutes later I began to regret my breakfast decision though. I was getting incredibly tired, so tired that I had to take a nap. It occurred to me than that this hasn’t happened to me in a while. I used to feel very tired very often and I almost made it a habit of having a little afternoon-nap when I came from work before going to Yoga classes or doing other stuff. In the last 30 days however, I never felt tired during the day which is something so big for me that I wonder how I could have missed it. Even more incredible is that it only took 3 pieces of baguette to get me back to my old tired self which has to lie down and take a nap even though it had slept a sound 8 hours this night.

So, Clean Eating strikes again. I will be very careful around baguette and croissants in the future, even though I still love them it is not worth it I decided. Maybe once in a while, when it is a very lazy Sunday and I can sleep in or take a nap whenever I like, but not in the forseeable future.

baguette, mon amour!

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