Frugal Cleanliness – with the spirit of this month’s challenge

Frugal Clean Eating – what a combination. Also I have caught a cold. The second cold since I started eating clean. Is this because it is winter, or is this because of my Clean Eating? Very mysterious…

Yesterday evening, I made vegetable curry with my friends – the only non-clean ingredients were white rice and coconut milk. We were at my place and starting to get hungry. I looked in the cupboard and I saw the coconut milk I didn’t want to throw away last time and also some of the vegetables (carrots and paprika) were starting to not look so good anymore, so we decided to make some curry with all of it. IMG_0002

The clean touch of this curry is that I added some almonds, no meat, and many different vegetables.

I used the whole huge cauliflower, so even though we ate a lot there were still some leftovers which I put into two boxes. I will take one to work tomorrow for lunch and have the other one as dinner. As you can see on the pictures, I am neither a food blogger, nor an aesthetic cook.

My grocery-shopping list for today. With the stuff I still have at home (soy milk and bread) I am set for the week. Cost is around 18 Euros – it is equally frugal, clean and I will most likely be keeping this month’s challenge of not buying useless stuff and throwing away all of my food, because I actually want to eat everything I bought:

  • cauliflower
  • carrots
  • bananas
  • more bananas
  • cheese
  • almonds
  • boiled eggs
  • apples
  • flax seeds
  • fruit juice: apple, orange, multivitamin
Frugal Cleanliness – with the spirit of this month’s challenge

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