Fail… and omelette

After the huge chocolate-rush that lasted for three days, I finally gave in on sunday and ate a huge box of chocolate in two days. Not only did it make me feel miserable and caused my stomach to hurt, it also got my teeth to hurt for some reason and also I got sleepy, unfocused and my skin looks horrible. I have definitely learned my lesson and will resume eating clean.Even though I failed my January challenge, there is still the February challenge left which is about not being wasteful on food. Other than the chocolate, my food was pretty much clean. Also I did a lot of cooking and so the stuff I stocked in my kitchen is getting less.

What I want to use up this week is the risotto rice, the pasta, the canned tuna fish and the couscous. The rest is seasonings and fresh stuff. On my grocery-list for this week there is: salt, cinnamon, eggs, raisins and chili sauce.

Also I noticed that my food is getting simpler. While I really enjoy looking at beautifully prepared, mouth-watering looking food on food blogs I don’t have the time or the nerves to prepare an elaborate meal all by myself just for myself. Also they often use ingredients that I don’t have and right now I just refuse to buy more stuff for my kitchen! Nevertheless, having a nice and pretty meal is one of my favourite things in the world. So, what does an aspiring minimalist do in situations like these? My answer to this is:


My favourite meal for the past few days has been mushroom-omelette. All you need is butter, eggs, mushrooms, salt and pepper. The better the quality you get, the better it will taste.  The preparation time is about 5 minutes. Also the cleaning up doesn’t take long, because I only use one bowl, one frying pan and one plate with a fork.

It’s fast, it’s clean, it’s simple, I love it!

Fail… and omelette

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