not enough

Maybe Clean Eating is not enough. I need to adjust my diet further.

Recovering from my second cold in 6 weeks and a series of inflammations, I think my body is trying to tell me something. It’s not that I don’t feel better doing this Clean Eating stuff, I just think that there might be something missing, that I might do something different in order to be more healthy. After all, I started with this whole Clean Eating diet hoping to get a healthier, better functioning body. Right now it’s the contrary of functioning: I haven’t been able to attend Yoga classes for another 2 1/2 weeks which makes me really sad.

So I began reading a lot of books and browsed the internet to look for a possible solution to my problem. Among those books, there is one which I liked best so far. I have read the first few chapters, so I don’t know about the rest, but right now what the author writes seems sensible to me.

I’m talking about the 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferris (which you can find here: Reading the first few chapters, I already noticed which mistakes I might have made. While this book is not written by a doctor and it doesn’t look very scientific to me – scientific being that the author uses his medical background and his thousands of case-studies to present a thesis on how to eat better – I think what he says makes sense. Also I find the concept of only investing the absolute minimum (4 hours) to your health to get the best possible results intriguing. Isn’t this kind of minimalistic thinking?

The concept of Clean Eating is definitely good for my body so I decided to keep this up, with the small adjustment that I am going to rely less on fruit and more on vegetables. Apparently fruit, especially fruit juice is really not so good for your body… Fructose is supposed to be not something that we should eat daily and in large amounts (like I did), so I am cutting down on it. Also there should be one “cheat day” a week where you can eat anything and everything. Other than that, I did the right thing by avoiding white wheat and sugar.

I will talk to my doctor about this to confirm my theory, but I am already starting tomorrow by eating less fruit and more vegetables (I already ate 2 bananas and 2 apples today, so it’s too late to start today). I hope I will find a diet that works for me soon, because if I get another cold, I will definitely go mad.

How about your diet? Which things work for you, which need adjustment?

not enough

One thought on “not enough

  1. I just recently COMPLETELY changed my diet. I think I averaged around 10 salads total each year. Now I have had at least 4 every week, taken out the junk food and added fruits and veggies. This has made quite the difference in my life and I have noticed that I am in a better mood, less tired, and overall more on the ball!

    With that said I will have to check out that information about fruit, I did not know that! Thanks for the tip.

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