selling stuff…

Today was my first proper encounter with ebay. So far I have set up 10 things to be auctioned there, 23 more to go hopefully next weekend.

Selling stuff on ebay is definitely more work than I anticipated. It really takes some time to take nice pictures, to write a nice description and to figure out how to ship this in the best way. I am now curious on how the next steps, the interaction with ebay and paypal and the people who auction my stuff will work out and I will definitely write about that when I get rid of them.

Up until now what I can say is that you should take more time than you planned for selling your stuff on ebay. Even if it only takes a minute to put stuff online, there is also the description and the pictures that you have to take care of. So, for the stuff that has little to no realistic value I would recommend giving it away for charity. It is much less of a hassle and takes less time and afterwards you get a nice feeling of being helpful and kind to others.

I have a feeling that I will get a lot closer to my goal when I have sold all of the 33 items that are right now eating away the space in my closet. What is left will only be the items that I frequently use (although I have to go through my clothes one more time) or items that have a highly emotional value to them.

selling stuff…

2 thoughts on “selling stuff…

  1. Nur 33 Dinge zu verkaufen? Ich beneide Dich :-).
    Bei mir zieht sich die ebay-Sache schon seit Jahren.
    Vom Sammler zum Minimalisten – das dauert ;-).

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