It’s time to be more thorough

What I wanted to do today was this:

  • drink some coffe, have a croissant
  • relax and read some books about how to make a better blog
  • watch some movies

What I actually did is this:

  • drink some coffee sans the croissant
  • log in into ebay and have a look at how the first part of my stuff is selling (10 items)
  • find out that it’s not going so well
  • look for alternatives to ebay and put some stuff at ebay classifieds, hope that this will work out better (2 items)
  • stay on ebay to sell the auction off the rest of my stuff
  • find more stuff to put on ebay to start the auctions today (about 22 items)
  • drink some more coffee
  • take more pictures of stuff for ebay
  • make better descriptions for the stuff on ebay
  • drink coffee
  • check out the auctions that ended today (6 items sold, 4 not sold.. so there will be a second round!)
  • deal with the first complaint about how the shipping is too expensive (well excuse me, for getting a good cardboard box and use a good shipping method so that the stuff actually arrives. I made that clear beforehand, so don’t bid on it if you don’t like it! *grrr*)
  • coffee…
  • find out that I just spent about 7 hours on ebay and ebay classifieds just to sell my stuff – get up and get some chocolate
  • pray that this is the last time I spend so much time just to deal with my stuff!

While my weekend went *woosh* because of this ebay thing and I once again spent so much time just to deal with my stuff, I am hopeful that this will be the last time. Right now, all of my consumerism and want for nice things is replaced by a fierce dread to have to put more stuff on ebay and write more descriptions and take more pictures…

So, starting tomorrow, I’ll bring the stuff that got auctioned today to the post office and ship it *byebye forever*! 😀 Also I will to go through my wardrobe once more, because I have just spottet a very colorful Tshirt, one that I will definitely not wear again and one that apparently slipped through my last wardrobe check. It’s time to be more thorough!

It’s time to be more thorough

2 thoughts on “It’s time to be more thorough

  1. markritter says:

    Ich kenne das Gefühl viel Zeit auf ebay zu verbringen und dort Sachen zu verkaufen. Manchmal glaube ich ich habe 2000 und 2010 fast nichts anderes getan. Aber das lässt nach wenn man erst einmal entrümpelt hat.Dann muss man nur noch aufpassen, dass man nicht mehr so viele überflüssige Sachen in sein Leben lässt. Irgendwann kommt man dann an den Punkt, dass man im Jahr nur noch zwei oder drei Sachen bei eBay verkauft. Dann weiß man, dass man irgendwie angekommen ist im Minimalismus.

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