The end of the February challenge

What happened to the February challenge now that February is almost over?

1) Food-challenge: ate all the sushi rice, the risotto rice is still left as is the couscous and the noodles too. All in all, the fridge is filled with healthier stuff, but it’s still too much stuff. So the February challenge will go on in March. All the stuff that I don’t use up until the end of the month will be given to friends.

Mission in March: I’m gonna eat the whole content of my fridge! 😀IMG_0261

2) Clean-Eating-challenge: not eating any sugar is still pretty tough for me. I just love to eat waffles and chocolate and ice cream and especially all the things that you can get in a bakery. I still believe in “soul food”, namely food that even though it might be bad for your body, it is great for your soul if you eat it. This is of course bullsh*t if you look at it with a sane mind, but still…

3) Getting rid of my stuff: I tackled my fear of using ebay (even got a paypal account to make things go better) and put about 35 things in there. 5/35 are already sold and have a new owner. Unless I find more stuff that I really don’t need, when I finish getting rid of these things I will be a lot closer to my goal. A huge chunk of unnecessary stuff will be gone. Maybe I will find a few more items in the future, but this is definitely the largest part. I also got rid of a few clothing items, but those were mostly replaced by new items so they don’t really count.

4) Doing Yoga: Phew, yeah… not such a good month for yoga. I pledge to change this.

5) Blogging: There is still room for plenty of improvement. Any opinions on this are greatly appreciated!

The end of the February challenge

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