Minimalist make-up

I will soon be in a country where women without make-up on are frowened upon: Japan. Since I will be looking for a job there, I will have to take some make-up with me and actually use it.

So the question today is: Can you be a minimalist with make-up? If so, how much make-up?

I am not a woman who wears make-up. At all. Period. I just don’t. While other women love to stand in front of the mirror and paint themselves newer and nicer faces, I never understood this. For me this is a waste of time. I don’t even feel better with make-up on, I am in constant fear of smearing it. Not able to touch my own face, I move around like a robot when I have to wear make-up. The same goes with nailpolish, I can’t move my hands when I’m wearing it. When I’m dressed up for a nice occasion, for me make-up equals lipgloss and mascara. I didn’t even wear make-up to my prom.

I’m not totally against stuff that makes you pretty. I adore body-lotions and nice smelling shampoo and all that. But the stuff that you use to “draw” on your face? It’s just not for me. I highly differentiate between those things there.

The funny thing is, (almost) nobody around me is offended by this. My s.o. even likes me better when I don’t wear any. While this is a nice thing, it puts me at a disadvantage right now when I have to put something on my face to be socially acceptable. I am not even able to do a proper eye make-up, everything gets crooked and I look totally unnatural when I do the full make-up.

The make-up that I own and that I know how to use is about 10 years old. When I was in my teens, I had a strong make-up phase where I would buy everything in the most hideous colors, without even knowing how to use it properly. Out of lazyness I kept most of it but I never used it, until I recently just threw most of it away. So, before I go to Japan, I have to actually spend money on make-up. Good make-up that doesn’t make me look hideous. And I will have to learn how to use it. I hope you can hear the dread in my voice… 😦

But how much make-up do I get? There is stuff like foundation and the lipgloss and the mascara, but what about eyeshadow and eyebrowpencils and blush and so on? And how much money do I spend on this? Is an (expensive) brand really better, even though I will probably not ever use this stuff once I am back home?

*rant on*

And before anyone tells me: Just stay natural *bla bla*, nope that’s not how it works in Japan. I read two huge articles about this and women who don’t do the make-up thing there are really, really “bad women” and “good for nothing” women and so on. Which makes me kinda hate my gender right now, when I think of it. Why is it embarrasing to come to work without make up on? Why shouldn’t we be able to show our faces? Why is being without make-up almost equal to being naked? Why do I have to care about this, just because I’m a woman. And why are especially women the one’s who judge another woman who doesn’t wear make-up??? And why the heck do I have to spend my hard-earned money for stuff I don’t even like and have to invest my time in something I really have no interest in at all? This is really the part that makes me the most angry!

*rant off*

Okay, so the challenge for the weekend is to get as few items as possible for the best effect possible. They all have to match me perfectly, no experiments allowed, no fancy colors that will look ridiculous in the next season. And I will have to learn how to do my make-up in the fastest way possible in order to not to waste too much time on this stuff every morning. There will be another post probably on Sunday where I will describe the actual minimalist make-up and in order to stay minimalist, I won’t allow more than 10 items in my make-up bag to accompany me.

Minimalist make-up

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