Turtle style


Like a 200-year-old turtle going for a walk, I’m moving towards my goal slowly but steadily.

Today I went to the post office to send the first 5 items I sold on ebay to their new owners. 30 more to go and one wardrobe to go through tomorrow.

What is helping me these days is the rule to do one thing that takes you closer to your personal goal everyday. One thing – it doesn’t matter how small or big – that leads you closer to your personal goal. No cheating, no excuses, it has to be everyday! So right now, even if I feel like a turtle, when I look back at the beginning of the year I see some tremendous changes happening in my life.

Eating clean for some time, then keeping up the sugar-free part for 90% of the time, starting a blog, getting rid of most of my old stuff, (in the process of) selling a lot of my newer stuff, getting an airplane ticket, getting a visa, then quitting my job: all that happened in the past two months. So even if today felt really slow and turtle-like, when I look at how far I have come it seems that I am moving more like a Ninja Turtle than the turtle in the picture above 😀

So, today I will make myself some omelette, take a step back, pat myself on the back and take it easy 🙂

Turtle style

One thought on “Turtle style

  1. markritter says:

    Interessant. Die gründliche Langsamkeit der Schildkröte ist ein schönes Bildnis für ein einfacheres Leben.

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