Using up my stuff

In February I posted something about how I own too much bodylotions and shampoo and stuff like this, remember? If you wonder how this went, I can proudly say that it’s going fabulously well 😀

I used up 3 bottles of shampoo, 2 conditioners, 1 bodylotion, 2 handcremes and 1 face-mask. Before you ask: yeah, those were all really small bottles, but nevertheless I finished those. And I did not buy new stuff the whole time! There is still plenty left, especially face-scrubs and face-masks because usually I don’t have time to use them – they are not in my usual “beauty-routine” – but I thought I could celebrate a first success 🙂

Using up my stuff

One thought on “Using up my stuff

  1. markritter says:

    Oh ja, diese Pröbchen etc. Fühlt sich manchmal unlösbar an. Was mich besonders stört und immer wieder stört, sind diese Mengen von Plastik.

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