Ebay auction first results

The results from my ebay auctions:

On the positive side
Items I put on ebay: 35
Items that were sold: 22
Items I took to the post office until now: 6

On the negative side
Items that were sold for 1 Euro: 4
Emails I answered: 23
Time spent online in hours: 14
Items that weren’t sold: 13
Items I put on ebay a second time: 5
Items that still are not sold: 12 -> I have to find an alternative for these items

The most interesting number:
Money I made on ebay with my stuff: 200,44 Euro

Ebay auction first results

One thought on “Ebay auction first results

  1. Ist doch ein toller Erfolg. Ich k├Ânnte mir vorstellen, dass die Zeit im Internet, nur um Sachen loszuwerden als nicht so wertvoll empfunden wird. so ging es mir jedenfalls. ein interessanter Artikel, danke.

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