It’s time to quit minimalism

Yesterday I started another Ebay round. I put 5 more items for auction and I have looked for solutions for the remaining 12 items that just. don’t. sell. So for me this means it’s time to quit.IMG_0176This week is the final Ebay week, the stuff that doesn’t get auctioned off by next week will have to be put into the trash bin or given to charity.

Why, you might ask, doesn’t she just keep the items and try again?

Well, the reason is simple: I don’t have any emotional value attached to them. I have sorted them out before and labelled them as ‘not important to me’. I haven’t used most of those items for over a year. All of those items cost less than 20 bucks. If I don’t sort them out now, I’ll have to pay for storage while I’m traveling and then when I come back, I won’t even want to use them, so keeping everything makes no sense to me. I’d rather be very small than pay a lot of money for stuff that I don’t need.

It’s time to quit the “getting rid of stuff” phase. It’s time to end my obsession (negative and positive) with my stuff. It’s time to do something better in my free time. It’s time to make peace with this aspect of minimalism and to put a stronger focus on the other aspects that minimalism provide. Let’s start a new phase in my life! 😀

It’s time to quit minimalism

One thought on “It’s time to quit minimalism

  1. I have recently begun this journey of getting rid of the clutter. After doing an inventory I have started to realize just how much stuff I have and what needs to go! It has also come to my attention that it is going to take a long time to get rid of it, but will be worth it! I really like the idea of donating the stuff we just can not sell, might have to steal it!

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