under pressure…breathe

I will have my first job interview for my stay in Japan in a few minutes. It’ll be held either in English or in Japanese or both, so I am very nervous right now, because both languages are not my native languages.

Since this will be the first interview for me ever(!) in a different language, I don’t expect it to work out. This will probably be the start of a longer interview marathon until get the hang of it and find something suitable. Even though I tell that to myself to take the pressure out of it, I am still nervous.

So, what do I do when I get nervous? I do some Yoga-Ujjayi breathing (and open my blog to write silly stuff). And it helps!

I did the whole Ujjayi breathing thing the first time right after I started practicing Yoga during the time of my Master’s exams. I was a whole lot more nervous than I am now actually, and I remembered from a Yoga lesson before that breathing helps the body to stabilize and to calm down and focus. Since this was something I wanted my mind to do I thought: Hey, why not try this out, and I started breathing Ujjayi.

In my case, breathing Ujjayi helped tremendously (and it helps now btw.). When you get nervous, what happens to some people – me included – is that you start breathing more shallow and shorter. What Ujjayi does in this case is to even out the breath, make it longer and deeper.

So, if you have no trouble doing Ujjayi in your Yoga practice, then try it out in situations when you are tense or nervous. If you have never done Yoga and don’t know what I’m talking about, try it out – of course only if your health is ok – because at Yoga classes you will most probably get to learn this great type of breathing from your Yoga teacher who is hopefully a pro and will show you the proper way to do it 🙂

under pressure…breathe

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