all the small things…

…that have to be taken care of when you leave a country and leave your home for a longer time.

I will be moving out of my flat tomorrow at around noon. My flight will leave on Monday, so I’ll stay at a friend’s place for the time in between (unfortunately due to a really bad rental agreement I can’t stay here one day longer). Today all my stuff has to go into storage and I only take the stuff with me that I will need in Japan.

My to do list for today:

  • Iron all my formal business clothes. I will need those in Japan, but I haven’t had to wear them for a long time, so it’s laundry time ๐Ÿ™‚ In retrospect I am very thankful that my former job had no dresscode whatsoever.
  • Pack everything I will need for Japan. Since I’ll be working there in a more formal environment, I will have to pack different things than I am using hereย  for my “normal” life.
  • Sort all the stuff that is still leftover and put it into large storage boxes. I’ve got 3 boxes a 84 litres + one suitcase to fill for this purpose. It seems like everything will fit (even my kitchen stuff!), so I’m very happy to have reached my personal minimalistic goal.
  • Clean the apartment I am currently in
  • Move the suitcase I will take with me to my friend’s place, where I will stay for the next few days until my flight
  • Get some souvenirs for Japan. They are very peculiar about this. Going without any would mean death on a social level.
  • Go to Yoga classes. This is important for me as I didn’t have time yesterday and the day before. It will help me calm down and focus a bit more. Also it will relax me and I will get the chance to stretch my muscles a bit which is nice after the whole moving thing.

I’ll better get started now, I have to finish packing by 1pm when the moving car (yep, it’s a car, not a truck! *yay for minimalism*) comes.

all the small things…

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