I still have too much stuff

Really, I have.

I have one suitcase (20kg), one backpack (10kg) and two more bags for a laptop and other small stuff with me.

Due to some unfortunate timing mistakes, I have to move hostels 4 times in this week. Today was the first time. I will be here until the day after tomorrow, then I will move to the next place where I will stay for another two days and then for one night I will move to another place. After that I don’t have a fixed place to stay yet, but hopefully I will return to the place where I came from. If I can’t I will have to sleep in a cafe or something…

So I will drag this one -suitcase-one-backpack-two-smaller-bag-combination 4 times through Tokyo into four different parts, using the subway every single time.

This is what you get when you preach before you pray, I guess.

The follow up on the job interview today went well by the way, I got the job and everything will settle down at the end of April at the latest.

I still have too much stuff

2 thoughts on “I still have too much stuff

    1. Thank you, but there is still a lot to do before I reach my final goal. As you can see I still have way too much stuff. I guess I must have lied when I said that the suitcase was 20kilos, it’s more like 25. Today when I switched hostels I couldn’t find an elevator and I had to carry it up 5 flights of stairs, so this is something I will have to change soon.

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