How to reach any goal in three years

1) Look at your current situation. Take a really close look and write down how it looks like. If you’re a looser, write down that you are a looser and write down why exactly. Be very specific.

2) Write down your goal. Nothing is too outrageous. There are handicapped people who have lost both legs, running a marathon. You. can. do. anything! And be specific.

3) You have probably found some big, or some small goal that you want to achieve. You wrote it down, looked at it, shook your head and maybe say something along the lines “no way. This would be great, but xyz is the reason why this never will work out. I will never get  there.” You will be tempted to give up, like you always do when you think about your dream. But not this time. Please bear with me for a few more steps before considering to give up again. If you hit a wall and think “I can’t do this after all”, ask yourself why and try to think really hard if there isn’t any way to go around this. Usually there is. It might be a little bit uncomfortable or you might not notice how to go around this at once, but try to be creative.

4) Look at your goal again. Is there anything you can do to get closer to it right now? I mean, really, like right now? For example: If your goal is to learn a language, search the internet to find a grammar or vocabulary page and spend 5 minutes learning the first basic things about this language. Learn how to greet somebody in Spanish or Hindu. If you want to run a marathon, get your ass up and run around your house or your block one time. A single time is enough. No more than that. At least for today. You get the idea? Get going! No more than 5 minutes. This is absolute! No more, but you have to concentrate completely on this goal! No procrastination, no facebook. Just dedicate five minutes, but *really* dedicate them.

If you think you will fail and never reach your goal, do it anyway. It’s just 5 minutes of your time? What can it hurt? Compared to the time you spent on facebook today, it’s probably not too much of a commitment.

5) Back? Great! Now, you are a little bit closer to your goal. You might think that this was ridiculous and that this doesn’t make sense at all. But you have made it closer to your goal. You have started and this is great! Pat yourself on the back, you have made the first step 😀 Good job.

6) Now, this is really the most important part: The social aspect. You have to find somebody that you have to tell about your goal. This person has to be supportive of it and has to hold you accountible on it. Ideally it would be a friend who has an equally “crazy goal”. Even if the goal is opposite to your goal or has nothing to do with it, hold each other accountable. If this person’s goal is to loose 20 kilos and get out of obesity and your goal is to go from skinny and no muscles to sixpack washboard stomach you can work together great! Not exacly like going to the gym together, but for example telling each other how many minutes you spent practicing today/this week and how you are still on your scheduled diet.

7) Do this 5 minute thing *every day*. Really! No excuses. There is no “sunday is the day of rest” and “it’s my birthday today I will start tomorrow”, do it every single day. Remember: It’s just five minutes. If this means spending 5 minutes less on watching TV, don’t watch TV.

8) Watch yourself and be strict, very very strict in the first three months. Be so strict on yourself like you have never been in your whole life. After the first three months, this time will pay huge. I know it is hard. I know you want to quit. Trust me, I’ve been there. But the harder it is now, the better it will get. Learn to deal with discomfort.

9) After the three months are over, look at what you have achieved and look at what needs to be done in the next three months. Plan the next three months, this time consider getting help from a pro on the subject. Find one, ask for advice. Even better, find two, find three. The more people you involve, the better. Together, look at the mistakes you made and see what you can do to make better mistakes in the future.

Repeat this in the next two to three years until you reach your goal.


10) This approach can be used for any goal. And it can be adapted to any schedule. The key is to make it as specific as possible and involve people once you have gotten comfortable with your goal. Also, take small baby steps and don’t get discouraged.

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How to reach any goal in three years

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