no internet

Okay, so for the past weeks, I didn’t have a proper internet connection, or any connection for that matter… Right now, I am borrowing the WiFi from a friend, but this is only for today, so by tomorrow no internet again.

The next possible internet is about one hour away in a shopping mall, where I have to take the bus to go to, which costs 400 Yen. Since my salary is really low, I try not to do this so often, because even shopping for groceries is expensive.

 I have of course internet at my new workplace, but it is severely restricted, meaning that I don’t have any access to gmail, facebook, amazon or other interesting websites.

On top of that I am in a really small town in Japan, within a 100 km distance of Tokyo, 2 hours by train. Of course without any internet, I don’t have any idea how to get out of here because I don’t know the train schedule (this site too is blocked at my workplace). Also the apartment I got from my workplace came unfurnished, only with a Japanese-style mattress, so at least I have got a bed, but the rest is pretty minimalistic, no table, no chair, no hangers for my clothes, no curtains etc.

Also it is a shared apartment so I have to be a little bit more tidy than I would usually be when I am alone.

My roommate unfortunately is a little bit strange. She is gone for most of the day as she works at the same company, but also in the evenings, she only comes home when I am already asleep. She also never cooks, so no kitchen supplies from her side. She has exactly one table and not even a boiler. Also she only has the internet on her tablet, so borrowing it is out of the question.

 So, for the past three weeks, what exactly did I do? That my friends is a really good question.

First, I work my ass off at work, then I sometimes go for walks in this small town (but I stopped doing that, because it gets dark soon and there are practically no streetlamps here).

Then I got myself a library card went shopping for groceries and kitchen supplies so I could finally cook and stop buying precooked meals at the supermarket. Also I studied a little bit of Japanese, listened to music, and did such boring things as laundry, housework and the like. I can tell you, when you have a proper job, from 8:30 to 6, then things start piling up really fast.

 Also, I go for shopping a lot more than it is good for me. I am intrigued by the stuff the Japanese use in their daily life. Some of the things the Japanese use is really well thought through, really smart and better than the stuff I can get at home. Also the Japanese do really have a lot of great stationary. Like really really great stationary. Since I have a knack for stationary, going shopping is a little bit dangerous for my minimalist self. In addition, in this country I can finally shop for books in the Japanese language which is really expensive when I do this at home (like three times the price I pay here). Also Japanese beauty products are great.

 So I am in kind of a bind, on the one hand I would love to go shopping, on the other hand, that would mean accumulating more stuff that I would eventually have to get rid of, like the stuff I got rid of in the first three months of this year.

So, while I am trying to remain the minimalist self I pledged to be, I find it rather difficult. So many things I see and find great and all the other things that I “need“ because my room is unfurnished…

 What I really need to do is to go to Yoga classes and maybe even Karate classes, but for this I would also need the internet to research where the next Yoga class would be, because I assume that there is no Yoga in my small town (but then again there might be, I just don’t know and all the people I asked also don’t know, or maybe just don’t care…).

 So, the question I am asking myself is: am I addicted to the internet? Maybe yes. Definitely yes. Without the internet I am not really able to plan anything. Soon there will be some vacation coming up, but I haven’t been able to reserve a hotel or a train without the internet. Also getting information on trains or anything else, like I mentioned is really hard to get.

I feel fine right now, writing all this stuff offline, but I am looking forward very much to be able to publish this on my blog. I don’t however miss surfing the internet and spending time on useless (but very much fun) websites. The hardest thing with not having the internet is not being able to properly talk with my friends and family at home.

So, yes, having the internet in general is really nice, but maybe I’ll reduce the amount I spend online when I have the internet again. At least this is what I am thinking right now.

 What I missed in the past weeks:

Email, Skype, being connected to friends, being able to research free-time activities or train schedules, also the weather report

 What I didn’t miss:

9gag, facebook, amazon and the like

no internet

One thought on “no internet

  1. Nancy L says:

    Before the world of Internet, you had to ask somebody, make phone calls, use the telephone book or guide books. When I travel today, I still use the locals for the best information. You are in a new country, use your language skills and start asking questions! Although the Internet is nice, because we (your readers) get to hear what you are up to 🙂

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