The ultra minimalist 1: getting rid of the internet

Here I am, in a small Japanese town with about 60,000 inhabitants, 3 supermarkets, 6 hairdressers (why?) – no book stores(!), a second hand store, 2 drug stores, two 7/11s, 2 DVD stores and a pet shop.

People’s houses are big – for Japanese standards – and they are growing their own vegetables and fruit in the gardens in front of their houses.

The sun is shining, the wind is blowing rather strongly but that might also be just my imagination, because it is so silent here. You can hear the birds singing which is nice, but still I am not used to the sound of them singing, since they are singing different songs than the birds at home.

 I do not have the internet, nor will I get it during my six months stay, but to my own surprise, I have decided to keep it like this. If I want to get the internet, I will have to go to the big shopping mall which is about an hour walking distance.

The reason is this: I have much more time to do stuff like this.

In case of emergencies or smaller five-minute things, I can ask my friend who lives close by and she won’t mind, because it’s just five minutes. I can not, however spend my whole evening surfing the internet at her place, so this clearly prevents me from doing stupid stuff online.

When I really want to do something that takes longer, like blogging, surfing the internet mindlessly (yes, I sometimes like doing that because it is fun) then on the weekends, I can always go to the shopping mall.

 So, my dear readers, from now on for the next six months, there will be only weekly updates on my blog. What I want to do is to write offline about 3-4 times a week as I have done before and put them all together online on Saturdays or Sundays.

 I have a few very good and maybe new ideas for stuff to post, so keep looking forward to it.

The ultra minimalist 1: getting rid of the internet

2 thoughts on “The ultra minimalist 1: getting rid of the internet

  1. Whoa! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!

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