The ultra minimalist 2: my room

IMG_0624The room I got from my company is in an unfurnished shared apartment. Since I have got only a contract for 6 months (which might get prolonged or not) I decided to keep it as simple as possible and not to buy too much stuff, because I will have to throw most of it away when I move, because moving-companies are totally expensive in this country. While trying not to be too wasteful I hate messes and so just dumping the contents of my suitcase on the floor was no option to me.

IMG_0633Most of the things I bough though were for the kitchen. My roommate does not cook, so all she had was one frying pan, a knife, a spoon a pot and a bowl. Literally. So, since she had no spare stuff, I had to get the same things for me too and in addition some chopsticks, salt, pepper, soy sauce, tea and ingredients for cooking.

 I have one futon which I got from the company. I then made myself a small shelf-like thingy to put the stuff I frequently need, like my make-up for work, a mirror or books or maps of the area, from my suitcase into my room. Since I don’t have a closet, I put my suit and my blouses on the thingy where usually the curtains would be, which I took off before taking the picture.IMG_0628

 Even though I don’t have that much stuff, it gets messy pretty easily, because there is no system in it I assume. So, today after I finish exercising I will do some sort of cleaning up/sorting things session.

The best thing about the apartment is the view from my small tiny balcony. Unfortunately on this day, the weather was a little bit bad, so you have to use your imagination for the sunshine that always comes into my room through the large windows.

The ultra minimalist 2: my room

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