How is my wardrobe doing, am I doing okay with the stuff I brought?

Now that the first month has passed, I would like to give you a first review about the stuff I brought with me and how I am dealing with having only the contents of my suitcase with me and nothing else.

My wardrobe is doing totally fine, I should not have worried so much. Seriously.

I packed five blouses, three pants, one jacket for business and three pairs of shoes, one elevated pair, one flat pair (for winter) and one pair of ballerinas (for summer). In business it is kind of important not to wear the same clothes on two days in a row, so one blouse for each day of work – or so I have heard – and so far there were no complaints about my outfits from my colleagues so I guess I am doing well.

However, my wardrobe is not made for summer seasons, since the summers in my hometown are usually not very hot. I am therefore not looking forward to 40 degrees celsius weather, but I will manage that as well with the wardrobe I brought.

There was only one thing that I had to buy, which is a black blazer, because the one I brough to Japan is a slightly mismatch to my pants. Also I ruined one of my black blouses by ironing it too much, so I have to replace this also. The total cost of these two items is about 80USD, so I can say that I came well prepared and brought all the necessary stuff with me.

And what about the make up I bought?I tried to keep it as minimalist as possible, but here is the list of stuff I brought with me, so you can look for yourself:

  • 1 powder
  • 1 base
  • 1 concealer
  • 1 lipstick (red)
  • 1 lipgloss (not so red)
  • 1 mascara
  • 1 eyelash curler
  • 1 kajal (white)
  • 1 eyeshadow (beige)
  • 1 eyeshadow (dark brown)
  • 1 eyeshadow (violet)
  • 1 eyebrow gel
  • 1 make-up removal

I think this is not too much and this way I can create a fitting make-up for every occasion I can think of. And I am using it whenever I have to work, which is new for me but I have gotten used to it, which is good.

Nevertheless, today I am not working (I am on vacation in Tokyo by the way), so I am ใ™ใฃใดใ‚“ as the Japanese call it, no make-up and I feel great, free and happy! When this job is over, I will definitely go back to a job where it doesn’t matter what I wear everyday.

What about you? Do you enjoy dressing up for your job, or do you have one where it doesn’t matter what you wear?

How is my wardrobe doing, am I doing okay with the stuff I brought?

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