Meeting amazing people and feeling inspired

Just when I thought I was becoming the best minimalist ever, I meet people who are even more minimalistic without even thinking about it.

Staying in a hostel instead of a hotel definitely has its disadvantages regarding privacy, clean bathrooms and so on. But on the plus side, it is a great way of meeting wonderful people from all over the world. Which is why I chose a hostel this weekend in Tokyo instead of a hotel (and also for budget reasons, but that another thing…)

So I am meeting those people who travel all through Asia, indefinitely, carrying only their 40 litre carry-on bag with a few clothes, no laptop, no phone and no idea where to stay the next night, just going with the flow.

I, carrying my 2 bags, one 50 litre, one business-bag, laptop, smart phone and a variety of other technical devices I thought I would need, got very embarrassed seeing all this.

Here I was thinking to be the greatest minimalist who has ever lived, because I don’t have the internet at home or proper furniture and then there are all those people who have never even heard of minimalism and are just doing that naturally while I am totally struggling and thinking about this all the time. I felt so confident as a minimalist because I “only” brought “so little” with me for my 3-day prolonged weekend and then this. A total blow to my new minimalist self-confidence.

I guess I still have a long way to go. A very long way.

But talking to these people made me very happy in some way. Traveling and living like this is something which can definitely be done. And will be done by me after I finish my job here. I want to be like this. I want to go places, to travel light, not planning ahead, just go with my gut to places that look interesting all over the world. Stay wherever it feels nice and then move on. Carrying luggage, especially laptops and other stuff makes traveling less fun. Moving stuff around and then having to worry about it is stressful.

So what I will do next when I get home is make a package and send all the things that have been sitting in my suitcase for the last month unused home. Because there are things that I thought I would definitely need, but haven’t touched even once. Again, embarrassing.

But I will get there. I just need to buckle up. Enter the next stage. Never give up!

Meeting amazing people and feeling inspired

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