Internet or no internet?

In order to keep my blog alive, I seem to need the internet. Without it, the incentive to write is really small and even though I promised to write every day, it is really hard for me, because there are so many other things to do that just have a priority to me over going out to the next starbucks (25 mins by bike by the way) and spending time on the internet.

Nevertheless, every time I plan things, like tours and meeting with friends, I use the internet. Every time I blog or look up things, all kinds of different information, I use the internet. Every time I learn new things, I use the internet. Every time I go places, I use the internet.

There are still so many people out there who do not have access to it. I’m not even talking about third world countries, I mean even in my homecountry. People who just refuse to go online and find out what is out there in the world wide web. How do they do that? How do they live their lives?

So, am I addicted to the internet? Can I even live comfortably without the internet? Right now, things change at my place and I will get the internet in my place in a few days, but do I really need it? And why?

Internet or no internet?

One thought on “Internet or no internet?

  1. KevInKobe says:

    Hey Jessica, Im having the same dilemma now, but I actually have experienced having no internet for 6 months. Because I’ll be sharing mine with someone I can’t just stop it, but otherwise..
    During my internetless 6 months I would walk about 10 minutes to the nearest FamilyMart to get my daily 60free minutes there.
    I think it really helps with not only spending your money, but also time frugally. I would plan things I wanted to look up and download the webpages. For entertainment I watched documentaries downloaded from youtube.
    Never missed having no internet! I had more time for studying that way.

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