And… …I’m back!

It’s been a while, but I am back online.

I am borrowing my colleague’s Wifi until I get my own which should be in a few days and from there on things should go smoothly.

So, what changed during the time I wasn’t online?

First, I quit Clean Eating. I am in Japan and most of you would think that this is the country to eat healthy and probably sushi most of the time, but actually it is not. The Japanese people make the best junk food ever in the whole wide world and so I am eating myself to oblivion here every day after work. I even go to Starbucks now, because they have Matcha Latte, which is so delicious I want to take a bath in it.

Then, I quit blogging and surfing the internet due to the fact that it is pretty difficult and very expensive for foreigners to get their own internet and the company I work with now didn’t help me as promised. While being absent from 9gag helped me to do more housework and thus having a very shiny toilet for the past few weeks, being absent from the blog I just started writing wasn’t so much fun. Also I didn’t like not having access to all kinds of information for example the weather report (I don’t have a radio here) and so I got wet and sunburnt alternatively on a regular basis. Yes, the weather here is this crazy… All in all I am pretty happy to be back online. Nevertheless, not being able to use the internet as I did before and having to go to a shopping mall for using it reflects on my habits right now, because when I am finished looking stuff I actually close my browser and do other stuff instead of just surfing mindlessly. For now at least. Knowing my bad habits, mindless surfing might come back sooner than I want it to…

Also, I did some shopping, basically because I got bored with my wardrobe. Having to wear business stuff all the time and always the same kind of things is totally boring, so I decided to mix it up and went shopping. Unfortunately, the only store in which I can shop right now is H&M, because everything else doesn’t fit.  Japanese women are so small and have short legs and arms and so while my usual size is about 38 or 40 (European standard) here I am struggling to fit into XL. This is not good for my ego, but very good for my bank account, because I just refuse to buy anything. Nevertheless, I got one shortsleeved black cardigan for summer that I can wear together with all kinds of  tank tops, because our shoulders have to be covered in the office…

So that’s it for now, I will get more sorted out later and maybe post some older stuff that has been sitting on my hard drive for the past weeks.

And… …I’m back!

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