Testing the limits of the internet

I would like to add some other stuff to all of the things I am already trying to do (basically minimalism and clean eating).

Self-improvement is the next thing I want to dive into. After being offline for so long, I got to re-appreciate all the good stuff that you can do when you have the internet, all the knowledge that you can get there and all the amazing things that you can gain from using it.

I think, being in the 21st century and having all kinds of knowledge on the tips of my fingers in form of online-tutorials on youtube, free teaching ressources and being able to ask for help in various forums, it should be totally possible to learn anything that you want to learn just by having access to the internet.

So my next experiment is testing the limits of the internet. The question I want to ask myself here is: How much can you do, how much can you learn and how much can you grow using only stuff that you can find online.

What I want to concentrate on here, are a few things from different categories: 1) learning a musical instrument 2) learning a language 3) learning science and maths

So, is it possible today to learn anything and everything just by having an internet connection or are there limits? If so, how far can we get before we encounter them? I will find out and will keep you updated on the process.

What is it that you want to learn? Do you think you could learn it by using the internet?

Testing the limits of the internet

One thought on “Testing the limits of the internet

  1. Ich glaube schon, dass man alles aus dem Internet lernen kann, wenn man das will. Ich finde es allerdings viel zu mühsam diese ganzen Informationen, die ich benötige wie ein Eichhörnchen zu sammeln. Es kommt wohl auf das Thema an. Sprachen, Schminken oder Musikstücke kann man bestimmt gut über youtube lernen, aber beim Thema Biologie waren die Infos irgendwie total unstrukturiert und ich hatte ja als absoluter Anfänger nicht mal eine Ahnung wo ich überhaupt anfangen soll. Deshalb habe ich ganz klassisch zu einem Schulbuch aus der Bücherei gegriffen und das von vorne bis hinten durchgearbeitet.

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