Building a routine

The most important thing for me when I want to be successful at something is making it a habit. When I make something a habit, I put it into my routine and thus making it an automatic part of my day that I do without thinking about it. So, here I am trying to build a new routine for me that suits my new plans and new goals.

What I read about habits is that you have to do the thing that you want to make a habit for a certain amount of time (eg. 90 days) before it becomes automatic. Therefore the most difficult thing is the beginning, because it means changing what you did before to something new.

So, what happened to me this morning that makes me write this now?

It’s pretty embarrassing, but I overslept and thus didn’t get the stuff done I wanted to do in the morning. While this might be okay to happen once in a while, it is crucial for me that it doesn’t happen during the first few weeks of establishing my routine.

So, in order to get back up on my feet I need to be extra strict for the next, let’s say month or so before I can relax a bit. Until then, there will be no more re-setting the alarm in the morning, or else I will have to do more embarrassing blog-posts like this and I definitely don’t want you having to read everyday about me sleeping instead of doing great things!

Building a routine

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