Too much to do and fail…

Okay, so maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, changing everything at once.I am having too much overload from working 10 hour days and trying to do self-improvement at the same time. So in the end I am doing nothing, just sleeping and eating junk-food.

So right now, I have started and stopped learning stuff for the past two weeks on and off, never being able to establish a set routine but doing it spontaneously just as I please, or more often not at all…

So, how far have I come exactly:

1) Learning a musical instrument. I got myself a Ukulele and I learned how to tune it and how to play the first three chords. But there is still a long way to go. I clearly have no innate talent and this is my first attempt at an instrument for a long time, so I think I have to put a little bit more effort into this before I can show it to anyone.

2) Learning a language. The language I want to learn is Japanese. Not learning it from scratch, but from where I am which is intermediate. Because of that my approach has to be a little bit different from a beginners one, but even for me, learning a kind of exotic language at an advanced stage, there are a lot of materials on the internet with which I can work and improve. For example, all around the world there are native speakers who want to meet up on Skype and teach and learn.

3) Learning maths and science. Up until recently I hated math. It still is not the easiest thing for me to study – quite contrary to languages – but I make progress. My main source for this is khanacademy and I try to do this every day in the morning, watching a few videos at least for 10 minutes. Most of the days I oversleep, but I am very proud of myself every time I get out of bed in time and I feel incredibly smart for the rest of the day.

Yeah, so that’s basically it. I am looking for a smart strategy to overcome my random practicing and make it more serious in order to get some good results. Any comments are appreciated 😀

Too much to do and fail…

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