And on I go!

I’ve been in Japan for quite some time now (4 months) and it is time to move again soon. Away from my small town and into a larger city. While the experience of living on the countryside (at least half-countryside) was very intense and interesting, I feel that I am much more a person that is made to live in the city.

So, my next steps will be.

1) Look for a new job in a larger city in Japan. Any city is okay basically. As long as I can afford living in the center of it. I am really looking forward to living in new places!

2) If that fails, I will freelance as a translator and practice my money-making skills.

3) If that fails too odd jobs will be included also, basically I will do anything that goes with my talents and that will allow me to earn money. Also I will give entrepreneurship a shot. Try out new stuff 😀

But first I have to downsize again. Because I had to live in an unfurnished apartment and get all of the stuff by myself I got a chair, table, stuff for the kitchen, cleaning supplies and a bike. I have no idea yet on how to move this to my new place, so most of it will probably go. On the other hand I find it hard to throw it away, because the next place might be unfurnished as well, so I will have to re-buy the essentials again, which is pretty wasteful in my opinion. I guess I have to figure something out… back to the beginning again:

Worrying about my stuff!

And on I go!

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