And on I go indeed…

I will be leaving my small Japanese town in two weeks and I will go and live in the city centre of a slightly larger city: Tokyo.

Today I had a look at the new place and it is great! It is always a shock when you get out of that sleepy little town with very few shops and no restaurants, into Tokyo with so many people and so many shops and restaurants and cars and trains and everything. But this is where I’ll live soon, so I should better get used to it. Writing this down makes me giggle with anticipation.

Right now I am figuring out how to pack and move my stuff over to the new place. I guess I have to leave everything I got in the past few months here and just start anew over there: bedsheets, curtains, kitchenware, my bike, etc. I calculated that packing and shipping it to the new place is as expensive as getting new stuff, so I guess while it might not be really sustainable to buy everything once again I am leaving my old stuff for my roommate to use so nothing will go to waste.

To new beginnings!

And on I go indeed…

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