The most wasteful way to make coffee I have ever seen

Ladys and gentlemen, I present to you the Japanese way of making coffee. Unlike the Japanese way of making tea, I am afraid to say that it is not half as pretty. At least not for our dear planet earth.

Since a picture says more than a hundred words, just let me show you this before I explain it to you:

IMG_0083This is actually a very popular way for the Japanese to make their daily cup of coffee. If you don’t want to buy one of the 40 or so varieties from the machine that is and actually make it yourself…

You have this giant thing that comes packaged in a foil, in this case it is from St**bucks, but there are a lot of other brands too. I was at a friend’s house when this was introduced to me, so no blame on me for buying an “evil” brand. But anyway, you open the foiled package only to find another foiled package underneath it. To seal the coffee so that it doesn’t loose its aroma. Then you have a lot of cardboard and an instruction of how to fold it in order for it to fit perfectly on your cup. You then proceed to boil the water and pour it onto it. Then after your cup is full, you throw the thing away. Easy, simple, user-friendly. IMG_0082

But the waste! I am really wowed. I mean, it is no big news that the Japanese use plastic bags for everything and use too much package on everything, but that something as simple as a cup of coffee could be made this wasteful, that was news for me. I am not into the whole “save the earth and its ressources” thing, I am not engaged in this stuff. But even to me, being uninformed about environmental things, this is obviously bad. I think just by seeing this example, it is clear in which direction Japan is headed. Clearly this says: Convienience and customers first – everything else second. I just hope that this trend stays in Japan…

The most wasteful way to make coffee I have ever seen

3 thoughts on “The most wasteful way to make coffee I have ever seen

  1. I agree, that is a lot of waste of materials! I’ve always found it strange to package things individually, especially candy. I just hope we don’t get too “used” to it.

  2. Minimalismus-Warum says:

    I have a similar contraption at work; only that mine is plastic and re-usable. As a German living in Texas, I’m the only one to drink coffee in the afternoon in the office. So instead of making a whole pot, I put a regular paper filter in my plastic filter to make one cup of coffee. But all I throw away is the paper filter, just as one does with a 12-cup coffee maker. I guess I’m not too horrible.

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