Time to say goodbye

Yesterday was my last day of my job in a small town in Japan. The place wasn’t great, but as it was my home for exactly five months I thought I could post some pictures about it.

IMG_0941This was my house. It was kind of far to the next train station (30 minutes walking distance), but it had a room with Tatami mats, so that was great!

IMG_0944 Then there were many rice fields which I explored by riding my bike. Also when there are rice fields, there are usually mosquitos and I found out that I am allergic to them, but that’s a different story…

IMG_0962There was also a temple nearby with a cemetery which was pretty.

IMG_0972And some gods that protected everything.

Being in Tokyo right now, I kind of miss the fresher air and not being able to ride my bike freely, but the advantages of being here definitely take over: More money (okay, the rent eats that up…), the chance to meet more people, I can do Yoga classes again and Japanese classes, I can discover one of the biggest cities in the world just by stepping out of the door.

What’s the upside and the downside of where you live?

Time to say goodbye

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