My new home

I moved into my new room in Tokyo a few days ago, so now it’s picture time 🙂 I live right in the city centre and my room is about 7m². Bathroom, kitchen and other facilities are shared with other people. The rent is about 650 USD, which is pretty expensive in general but about average here in Tokyo. At least for foreigners. IMG_0988 I have a bed, no futon this time. The floor is a normal wooden-looking floor, so no tatami mats also, everything is about average, still the colorful bedsheets make it look kind of cute 🙂

I really like the dots. Although the window is really small, I think it is totally okay, since the view isn’t so great anyway and enough light comes in. The picture on the windowsill is not mine, but it is nice nevertheless.



Then, I have a proper chair and a table, which is a big difference to before where I had a very small table and practically no chair, just a tiny stool to cushion my behind. Also I’ve got a lamp now. And the airconditioning is nice.

Since there is no cupboard in the room, I bought a storage-thingy to hang so that I can find my clothes easier and put them away folded properly. You can see it in the left corner of this picture. Again, I am spending money for my stuff, but since it was pretty cheap and gives me the conveninece of being able to put my clothes away neatly which saves me time in the morning,

IMG_0990The rest of my stuff either goes under the bed or onto a shelf next to my bed. Then I got a hanger that I can put on the door for my coats (one for winter, one for spring and fall). Right now, it is still so hot here that I have only worn my spring coat for around two weeks, so I kind of regret that I brought it. On the other hand, you can not know this beforehand when you pack for a year, so it is a kind of しょうがない thing. (That means “I can’t do anything about it, so I just have to accept this.”) Ah, also my rainjacket, which came in handy a little bit more.

I feel pretty good with my 7m² right now, even though I have to keep it tidy. If I don’t it gets crowded pretty fast, so I guess this is a good thing?

Also I am starting to throw things out, because the room comes with basic tableware and kitchen equipment, so I didn’t even have to bring my own stuff here.  Minimalism, here I come again.

To throw out: Kitchenware, pots and pans. The new stove can’t handle them.

To buy: Bento-box. I will have to brown bag my lunch from now on because I can not find a cheap place to eat close to my workplace. I refuse to spend more than 500 Yen for lunch, so this will be a bit challenging, but I want to cook my own food at least three days a week (weekend excluded).

My new home

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