Rapunzel 2

Last time I was too chickenshit to cut my own hair. I even considered it on my blog here (sorry, only in German) but then I went to the hairdresser anyway…

Now, being frugal and all and being in the most expensive city in the world, I decided to just go for it and cut it. I watched a youtube video to mentally prepare for it and then *snip snip snip* DONE! 😀

IMG_1007This is what I prepared to cut it. Then I changed plans halfway 🙂

For cutting hair, you need special scissors, because normal ones are not sharp enough to cut hair. I got two and an introduction on Japanese to how to cut your hair, because it was a set. In the end I only used one of them for the method I chose. The scissors in the picture are two different kinds, one is for plain cutting, one can also thin your hair a little and makes it kind of fluffy and irregular in length.

Then I thought that I would need a comb (at the top) to put my hair into parts before cutting it, but I didn’t use it after all because I found a different method, so I only used my normal hairbrush (on the right). I put my hair over my head, then put it together with the hairbands and then cut it off. 3 minutes and a pretty nice result. But see for yourself.IMG_1009

Please ignore the toothbrushes and stuff, that’s how a place looks that’s shared by many different people 🙂 I am kind of amazed how with this simple method the layers worked out. Then I braided it and let it dry a bit and so I got a kind of “perm” too. …maybe I get a different picture for you later, because it might be too dark. But I think it’s worked out nicely.

Cost for this in a Japanese hairsalon: 150 Dollars

Doing it myself: 20 Dollars (scissors and comb)

Fun I had doing it: priceless 😀

Rapunzel 2

One thought on “Rapunzel 2

  1. Minimalismus-Warum says:

    Okay, now that I read Rapunzel 2 and realize the cost for a hair cut is $150, I would have gone with the DIY cut too. I’m a Pixie style person (complete opposite from you) and used to cut my hair with nail scissors as a teenager. Now I do spend the $30 for a clean cut.

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