How to survive on a budget in the world’s most expensive city

After half a year in Japan, I thought nothing could shock me anymore. I was wrong. Living in the most expensive city in the world now, I was shocked about the sum that was presented to me at the register when I went shopping today. Nothing special, just a few groceries: 2 carrots, green peppers, radish, milk etc. for about 3000 Yen total.

There was nothing really fancy there, no brand products, no meat, nothing that would explain this price, at least that’s what I was thinking when I emptied out my wallet for the cashier. I wasn’t even shopping in one of these super-expensive luxury supermarkets…

IMG_1926So what do I do, if I don’t want to starve here? I am not sure yet,  but it’s either MMM (make more money) or it is reducing the amount of money I spend.  While I agree that the latter is very important, I am not sure how well I will be able to do this.

In my homecountry I have been living on a budget for years during my college time, so I am used to doing it and it went great so far, but I seem to be failing here. Money runs out faster than I can earn it and in my current job I have a fixed income each month that won’t change during the next half a year. So it seems that I have to do some side hustling in order to survive.

The side hustling would have to be flexible, but with a good per hour income. I am not sure yet whether it should be online or offline. I am very hesitant to make money with my blog, because I am somehow thinking that it would make it less fun writing it or something. Also it would be great if it could be automated. Okay, the last part is kind of wishful thinking. Nevertheless I will have to do some serious brainstorming or I will be in trouble here. Any ideas are appreciated.

How to survive on a budget in the world’s most expensive city

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