Work work work

Work, sleep, work, sleep, work, read some stuff, sleep, continue…

I am learning a lot at work, so it’s interesting, but this also doesn’t leave much room for anything else. Including my blog. I am trying to keep up, but it is difficult to be creative when work uses all my brain power up. However I managed to do *some* sightseeing, combined with riding my bike, which I can’t recommend here in Tokyo, but I guess that’ll be a whole different entry in my blog. So I present you today with a few of my impressions of Tokyo (pictures under the cut).

IMG_0890 These are typical Japanese sweets, wagashi. Since it is autumn now, they are made to look like chestnuts. They were delicious, so they were gone in a few minutes. You can buy them in special stores where they are really made nicely, individually wrapped and of high quality. Or you can buy them at the supermarket where they are not wrapped as nicely, but still very tasty! I wish they made sweets like this in my homecountry.







This famous monument has been created by a Japanese artist and you can find it next to the beer museum in Asakusa.

It is supposted to look like artsy beer-foam. But for me it looks more like a huge pile of golden poo sitting on top of a building. Maybe I am not Japanese enough to make sense of its art, but for now I will call it the beer-poo.





Here you can buy noodles in a can from a vending machine (curry flavour).

I haven’t actually bought them, so I can say nothing about the quality, but before you go “ewww”, I later read that they seem to be a specialty, so maybe I should go back and try them.







IMG_0821 This is where you wash your hands before you enter a shrine.



This is a Japanese letterbox. Panda-style. I think the Japanese people are great at making every-day items cute. If I ever send a letter, I will go hunt this letterbox down again and make some Japanese people take a picture of me while I put the letter in.


Work work work

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