Thou shall wash thy hands…

What I recently noticed is that Japanese women don’t seem to wash their hands after they use the restroom. This is a pretty judgemental post, so you have been warned.They spend an – in my humble opinion – enormous amount of time applying powder to their noses but after they use the loo, they just don’t wash their hands the way I was taught to by my parents many many moons ago.

IMG_0886While I was washing my hands today: Wet hands, apply soap, distribute soap over both hands, rinse, shake water off, use paper towel – two women walked past me whose fingers barely touched the water, just to stand in front of the mirror to reapply their make-up.

Which of course looks fabulous and impeccable. But still… My western sense of cleanliness was disturbed by this. They can be as pretty and as perfectly styled as they want, in my eyes they have pee-pee-hands.

When I arrived in this beautiful country I saw a lot of signs like these IMG_0885and at first I was amused by them, but my recurring encounter with beautiful looking women who just don’t wash their hands after doing their business made me think.

Do the Japanese really need a sign to remind them of washing their hands? At my workplace there are no signs. The picture of the sign was taken someplace else. Would everybody wash their hands if there was a sign like this? Why are Japanese so dirty? Or is my European sense of cleanliness and my disgust for not washing your hands after maybe too much? Can cleanliness be a part of a culture? Why do you need to scare people into washing their hands (“Norovirus – you don’t want it”)? Why isn’t it normal? Why can’t this god-damn country be normal once in a while???

Thou shall wash thy hands…

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