My work clothes aka “uniform”

Today I was asked by a colleague why I always wear a formal business attire to work so I thought I could share my thoughts about this on my blog as well.

At work I always wear black pants and a blouse (5 blouses in different colours – one for every workday and a few formal tops as backup when I’m too lazy to do laundry in time). This is in contrast to my colleagues who go with more casual outfits. While I was thinking for a while about dressing the same way my colleagues do, my outfit has some points on the plus side that a casual outfit doesn’t have.

1) This outfit is set. I don’t have to choose from a range of possible things that I can wear, I know what to wear on which day. Which means that getting dressed is a matter of minutes. I know my combinations, I don’t need to choose every day, I don’t need to be conscious about this part of my day.

2) It is like a uniform. I associate different clothes with different situations, which makes it somehow easier for me. When I am in my work-clothes, I am working. When I am in my regular clothes I am relaxing. It helps me to focus better on both.

3) I like looking professional. I look rather young for my age. SAMSUNGPeople usually think I am 5-6 years younger than I actually am judging by my face and outfits. My personal wardrobe has a lot of pink, violet and other colors in them so I look even younger in these things. Wearing my working-clothes hopefully makes me look older, more sophisticated and thus lets people take me more serious than they would if I was wearing Jeans and a pink Hoodie which I usually do in my free time. I like to go for cute things when I am in an informal situation.

While I was asked why I always wear formal clothing, I wasn’t asked why I always wear the same five blouses. Which is funny, because I was sure they would notice… SAMSUNG

Now to the con-side: I don’t get to express my personality through the clothes I am wearing. Also I dress differently from my colleagues.

But for me that’s a plus too, because usually I go for comfortable clothes and thus don’t look very presentable. I am not too fond of this whole notion that one should express oneself through their choice of outfit, because for me, different things are important. Seriously, can somebody please explain to me why you have to choose your clothes so they reflect your inner life? I really don’t get why I am supposed to do and even enjoy this. Apparently this part of “womanly interest” is not my piece of cake. Like: “I should buy this yellow skirt because it makes me look like I am a fun-loving girl” or “This purple sweater makes me look like I am very intellectual”. So maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t get to do that.

IMG_0388For the “looking different from my colleagues” I found that it is only my department that takes the liberty to dress in jeans, the rest of the company dresses as formal as I do. So while I may stick out in my department, I don’t stick out on the whole so I decided that I don’t care about this.


Japanese are always careful to dress for the occasion.

How do you dress for work? Do you have to wear “business formal” or “business casual” or are you okay to come as you are? Do you care much about your wardrobe?

My work clothes aka “uniform”

4 thoughts on “My work clothes aka “uniform”

  1. Minimalismus-Warum says:

    “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have” is the advice one of my mentors gave me years ago. Today I have the job I want.
    I don’t judge people by their outer appearance, but I do at work when I make hiring decisions. How much care an individual takes when preparing for an interview, including attire, does give an inkling how serious they take their job. The same holds true for somebody already working at our company who is looking to move up.
    I like your “uniform” approach with black pants and colored blouses. You may find my post interesting. I wear black and gray pants and have eliminated blue from my wardrobe.
    Stick to your uniform, I say, if it works for you.

  2. I say stick to your uniform. If I could get away with one, I would. Most days, I don’t mind going to work… but getting dressed in the *right* way is a bit of a pain.

    1. Why wouldn’t you get away with one? I was in a country which I would suppose cares most about daily fashion in the whole world and I got away with it. Just get a “signature look” which can be very stylish and you can live worry free 🙂

      1. I guess it comes down to choice. If I went with one look only, it’d have to be for the events which require me to wear a suit. I really have no desire to wear a suit everyday… nor heels. But you have something worth thinking about!

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