Sugar and me, a love story

And as every love story goes, it has its ups and downs. Right now I think I am in a down-phase again. SAMSUNGThere is sugar everywhere. I really mean everywhere. Even if you take away the natural sugar that is in fruit, there is sugar everywhere! And I am pretty sure I am addicted to it.

This time eating clean(er) is not as difficult as the last time I did it, but I am not going “full-clean”, meaning that I am eating white bread with my salad for lunch or white rice and fruit juice (only 100% fruit though).

Nevertheless, I am not eating any sweets or processed food or drinks when there is sugar in it. Luckily in Japan you can buy sugarless tea in bottles and sushi practically everywhere, but for me this doesn’t count as “processed”. Also I don’t drink coffee and only a tiny amount of milk when I feel like it (which happens sporadically).

I am doing okay right now, last time the cravings were pretty severe, but this time none so far and it is day 6 already. It only happened on the first day and for that my cure was peanut butter. Two spoonfuls and I was happy again.

There are always sweets at work and I have a bunch of sweets in my room, and I am pretty proud to say that I didn’t touch them at all. Hopefully I will stay strong.  I am kind of suspicious because of the missing sugar craving (usually chocolate or pudding) so I’ll stay self-aware on this and get a bulk of peanut butter tomorrow.

I will raise the level of the cleanliness of my food from week to week to adapt more slowly to it, but if I don’t go cold turkey on the sugar I know it won’t work. So starting with this, let’s see where I end up. Hopefully this time the changes will stick and it’ll be easier for me.

Sugar and me, a love story

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