My motivation to eat clean

Is actually pretty boring.IMG_0871When I eat something that has sugar in it, I get more hungry. I eat more on a day when I eat stuff that has sugar in it. I kind of binge the whole day. My level of energy goes really really down in the afternoon when I had a sugary breakfast or lunch. Also I am more moody and feel more stressed.

It is not that I feel old, but I feel that I have less energy nowadays, maybe due to my stressful job and I want this energy that I had a few years ago back. Back then, I did a lot of sports. Now unfortunately I don’t have much time for that, but the experience I had the last time I ate clean was similar.

So, while I will look into sports as well (maybe, hopefully someday again) I am tackling the thing that is the “easiest” for me to accomplish first, eating clean. That I have total influence over. I decide what I buy in the supermarket and what not. So, as a first step into having more energy and feeling better I chose clean eating. Let’s see what else will follow. I hope my motivation to do sports will be awakened by the energy I get from eating the right stuff.

My motivation to eat clean

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