Three things that make me happy

Happiness is not something you just get, it is something that you work for and if you don’t appreciate it, it will get lost.1) Getting 50% on Sushi at the supermarket. After 8PM some supermarkets put %-sticker on the convenience food they sell (sometimes on bread too). So, if I am lucky and have the right timing at the right supermarket I get up to 50% on some things. 30% was as high as it got for me for months, so this is a great success! So yummy!

IMG_01602) Being able to talk to somebody in Japanese in a work-related situation for more than 10 minutes without having any problems in super-polite speech. It still is a hit and miss for me, but I find myself able to do that more and more. Especially with people I talk to often, so sometimes it depends on the person too, and whether I am used to their way of talking and their rhythm of speech.

3) Being able to adapt to the Japanese culture more “fluently”. Finding ways to do the things that I did in my homecountry here, where things are so different. Plus finding workarounds for situations where there is no equivalent to the thing that I am looking for. Also, getting more comfortable in this country that I feel I can even call my “home” now. I am getting less pissed at things that don’t work and I learn to use the system to my advantage. Maybe I shouldn’t be so proud about that because it took me so long (7 months *cough*) but, hey finally! 😀

Three things that make me happy

One thought on “Three things that make me happy

  1. Minimalismus-Warum says:

    Weniger Geld ausgeben, sich verständigen zu können und anpassungsfähig zu sein – das sind gute Dinge für welche man dankbar sein kann. Congratulations!

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