Hot water bottles rule!

Today I had to work outdoors for about 7 hours and I feel like a frozen tunafish right now except for the part where I put my newest purchase – a hot water bottle – called yutanpo in Japanese.

IMG_1267This is the greatest feeling ever! And the bottle is cute with a flower, and it is orange! It goes with a colourful cloth that is wrapped around it. I can’t believe I only paid 2 bucks for it. What the hell is it with this country that my lunch cost 3 times the price of this hot water bottle?

Ayways, a hot water bottle is environmentally friendly as it saves me from putting on the heating and since it is small-ish I don’t use too much hot water for it (I used the leftover water from making me tea). Also you can put it in your bed before you go to sleep so you can sleep in a pre-heated bed.

In addition to the yutanpo I bought some socks and gloves. I am pretty weak to the cold and these not so minimalistic purchases will hopefully save my butt in winter. I know the yutanpo already does 🙂

Hot water bottles rule!

One thought on “Hot water bottles rule!

  1. […] So I had to think big and act small. I got fuzzy tape for the gaps at the door and the windows and some magic foil that according to the advertisement lets all the warmth stay inside when you put it in front of the window. I am curious if it works – right now I feel warmer, but that might also be due to the fact that I am wearing clothes that are made to store the body-heat better (heat-tech). And a poncho. While cuddling my Yutanpo. […]

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