Three things that make me happy

I think I will make this a series.

Writing down things that made me happy makes me even more happy. So, share the happiness and write down what made you happy today!

1) I had a fulfilling weekend with a lot of work and then some fun. IMG_1334I walked through Tokyo and discovered interesting places with big yellow birds. Today I sorted out the pictures I took and laughed  when I saw the picture of the birds so I thought I might share them with you. They were just sitting there! In the middle of Tokyo 🙂 I love street art! Also I found some giraffes.

2) Eating clean and cycling to work continues. Healthy me, here I come! (I can’t celebrate this enough. Sorry if it’s overkill, but I am working in an office where somebody brings something everyday. I am not kidding you, there is something lying around every single day! Chocolate, cookies, some strange foreign stuff somebody brought in from their travels, you name it, it’s there. So resistance against sugar is not just from not buying anything at the store, but having to decline something from somebody who will look at you with those sad Japanese eyes and ask you if you are feeling okay because you just declined a nougat praliné from Belgium…)

3) Even though it is getting pretty cold here, my laundry dried quickly outside. First I was worried because my stuff is basically hanging on the street, but no underwear thieves so far, which is win win win in Japan (clichés galore *cough*). No, seriously, this country has a humid climate most of the time, so dry laundry without having to pay 200 yen to tumbledry everything is great!

Three things that make me happy

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