Moving again

Since I have lived in the centre of Tokyo for three months now (nearly three months – I am one week short) I will leave this place and move to another part of Tokyo on Friday. I think I have seen most of the surrounding districts here and it is getting boring, so I am moving to the direct opposite of the city, maybe a little bit more on the outskirts, but it is still considered to be one of the central parts of Tokyo.

The new place (I went to it today) is beautiful. It is a more residential area with a lot of parks and temples and shrines and cute little cafés and close supermarkets, it is lively and the small shops make it very cute and charming. It is 8 minutes away from the next station, in a quiet area which is nice. It is a pretty spontaneous decision to move there so quickly and a lot of things have to be arranged before so it’ll be a very busy week, but I am looking forward to moving and getting to know a new place in Tokyo. The new place is about twice the size of my place now, with bigger windows and a nicer common area, and a bathtub which is a big plus in winter. Pictures will follow on the weekend as soon as I settle down.

Moving again

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