Getting ready to move

Today and yesterday, a total of four smaller trash bags full of crap I don’t need anymore left my room. I am getting ready to move. Even though my room is pretty small, it seems that it still attracts a lot of crap. Old maps, books, flyers, stuff IMG_1378that I thought I would need but didn’t until now, everything that does not fit into two suitcases has to go. The two suitcases include my kitchen ware, cleaning suppliesĀ  and clothes. I am going through everything that I brought with me and throw everything away that is not of practical use to me and that I haven’t touched in the past weeks. Looking at it now I feel pretty embarrassed. I should have done that sooner, because I already feel lighter and ready to move but apparently I was just too lazy to do that. I guess I should just keep moving so that nothing can accumulate anymore.

Since two suitcases still sound a lot for just one person, I am aiming for less which will be challenging because of my yoga-mat and the ukulele I bought. Both have been admittedly rather unused for the past weeks, but hope dies last, so I am keeping them even if it might mean an extra trip just for them. I hope that is motivation enough to start using them again.

Getting ready to move

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