Frugal moving

I finished bringing 90% of my stuff to my new place. And I paid less than 10 bucks for it. You wanna know how?

Step 1: Eliminate all the unnecessary items. Starting last week I continuously threw away all of the stuff that I wasn’t using or didn’t like anymore. Including two blouses and one pair of shorts that the washing machine ate.

IMG_1379Step 2: Borrow instead of buying. I borrowed a suitcase from my roommate into which I fit everything I need: Kitchen supplies, clothes, shoes, cleaning supplies. All I had to do was ask and he was friendly enough to let me borrow it for two days.

Step 3: Use what is already there. Use your brains. I took my two suitcases and my backpack and rode the bus to the station from where my monthly train pass starts (which is being paid by my generous company) instead of going an easier route by train which would have been more convenient. Additionally, because I only had two suitcases I didn’t have to pay extra for using it.

Step 4: Use your (wo)man power. From there, in order to go to the city hall for registration I walked instead of taking a cab (which I could have considering it was a twenty-five minute walk).

Step 5: Don’t be too strict, but stay frugal. On my way home I spent some money by buying a pretty rag, colorful slippers and some cleaning supplies because the floor was pretty filthy. A total of 700 yen in the “100 Yen shop” (which is a shopping paradise for frugal people here in Japan).

Frugal moving

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