Enjoying my life

Lucky me, adventerous me, train-riding me, happpy me.

Today I was lucky on my way to work and on the way back. No late trains, no wrong trains, I even got a seat on the way back when the train was packed! So happy!

In addition, I get to see more of the city which is nice for a change. I put a distance between my workplace and my home, physically and mentally which helps me to distance myself from the things that happen at work. Also I can read a lot in the train which I like. The fact that I am more than a head taller than most people around me is also great. I can look over everyone and even if it is packed I have enough room to breathe and to read. I get a bit squished but this is also good since then I can’t fall when the train wobbles. I forgot how much I like to ride trains and how it calms me down because I haven’t done this for 9 months now – at least not as a regular commuter – and I am enjoying it.



Enjoying my life

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