How to settle in quickly, frugally and effectively – food wise

What to do if you wanna stay frugal but you have recently moved and don’t know your way around yet? Go eat out everyday for a week in the fast food chain around the corner just because it’s convenient? Hell no!

Here is what you can do if you are new to a place and have no idea what to eat for dinner.

1) Familiarize yourself with the kitchen (if there is one). See what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, in order to prepare a nice dinner, all you need is a hot water boiler. If the kitchen is  not working, sandwiches are always a nice option and so is salad.

2) Ask your neighbours. Duh! you might say, but yet so few people actually do it. They have been living around there longer than you have (obviously) and so they already know their routes. If you ask really nicely, they might even share when the good deals are at a supermarket.

3) Ask the internet. Also something that is often overlooked. If you are too shy to ask real people, you can always ask google. Through google I found this amazing website that is all about how to live frugally and survive on a shoestring in Japan. Check it out

4) Walk around town, get a workout and get to know your place. Win-win! Keep looking for people with large shopping bags and go into the opposite direction from them to find out where the next supermarket is. Take your time, a pen and paper to note the prices. See what is cheap and what isn’t before you have window shopped around a bit. Get flyers and compare them.

Also very important is to get comfortable to the fact that at first you are going to make mistakes. You are going to pay more money on food because you haven’t figured out where to go yet. Embrace that and keep improving. In a few weeks you have learned your way around and things will look up!


How to settle in quickly, frugally and effectively – food wise

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