Winter proofing my room

Today I bought all kinds of things that help the warmth stay inside and the cold outside. Japanese apartments are very, very badly isolated (see the last incident for proof) and very expensive to heat.

Right now my only option to heat it using the air-conditioning. This is bad for the environment and for my electricity bill which is only partially included in the rent I pay. Everything that goes above the fixed amount, I have to pay extra. Last week, when I heated my room up to a nice and cozy warmth, within 20 minutes of turning off the air-conditioning all the warmth was gone and the room was as cold as before…

Considering that it is still autumn and not winter yet I got a bit worried and so I decided to do something about it. Big alterations (new windows – I have single glass ones) are not an option as is buying larger things like a stove.

So I had to think big and act small. I got fuzzy tape for the gaps at the door and the windows and some magic foil that according to the advertisement lets all the warmth stay inside when you put it in front of the window. I am curious if it works – right now I feel warmer, but that might also be due to the fact that I am wearing clothes that are made to store the body-heat better (heat-tech). And a poncho. While cuddling my Yutanpo.

Warm greetings from Japan 🙂


Winter proofing my room

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